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Koroni - Surroundings

Koroni and the surrounding places have rare beauty attractions and holiday resorts that excite the interest of many  tourists  each year. Koroni is a picturesque coastal town, built amphitheatrically on a low hill where the narrow alleys with their steps and colorful two storey houses combined with the imposing castle on the hilltop, reveal a place full of history. Underneath the colorful picturesque streets and market of Koroni, is the beach, where the fish taverns, patisseries, cafes and tourist shops compined with the gentle  and peaceful  waves  of  the waterfront,  charm  every visitor. Furthermore, the imposing Venetian castle is a source of interest as its huge Gothic towers and walls attribute a note of medieval in the region. The extraordinary beauty of the church of Panagia Eleistria just below the castle is also worth mentioning, which has a courtyard with a spectacular view and a grove of palm trees that composes a unique place of relaxation and tranquility. Finally, there should be a reference to the beautiful beaches of Koroni, which are: Memi beach, Zaga beach, Kalamaki beach, Kryoneri beach, Peroulia beach, Koroni castle beach and Gargarou beach.

Finikounda, the neighboring fishing village with the intense island colors is another interesting destination. This part is famous for the taverns that give you the opportunity to enjoy fresh fish and the delicious delicacies of the Messinian cuisine.

Methoni, one of the most historic towns of the Peloponnese with its impressive castle and the beautiful seafront fortress (Methoni Bourtsi), is a very public destination for tourists which maintains its romantic atmosphere that enchants every visitor.

The island complex of Oinouses is also a resort worth visiting. It consists of the islands: Sapienza, an island with rich vegetation and remarkable fauna as well as a wonderful beach, the isle of Agia Marina (where the church of Agia Marina is located) and Schizas. These islands are well known as it is where the “Shaft of Oinousses” is located, one of the deepest parts in the whole of the Mediterranean.

Pylos is yet another  rare beauty  worth visiting. It is a city with a beautiful harbor and many great attractions like Ancient Pylos (withrare cultural relics), Palaiokastro (a big castle which closes  the north side  of Navarino bay), the Niokasro (at the entrance of Pylos bay, the newest Castle of the city) and the island Sfaktiria (rich in history, a cradle of civilization).

Polylimnio is a place for nature lovers and exploration. This place consists of 15 natural lakes (with curious names and  where you can swim), waterfalls and trails with a rich vegetation. In a few words this place is a small hidden paradise.

Neda Gorge is yet another  magical place that attracts every nature lover. Neda is a legendary river, which according to mythology took its name from one of the three nymphs who raised Zeus. It excites you with its crystal clear turquoise waters and magnificent waterfalls  which end up in the enchanting lakes and invite you to dive into them. The rich flora and fauna of the area create an environment that makes you escape from stress and anxiety of everyday life.

The beach Voidokoilia  is one of the most beautiful beaches in Messinia with shallow waters and rich sand. It is also very close to the lagoon of Divari, which is a wetland habitot.